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Author’s Confession

I obtained the biographical information presented on this website from various biographies written by various authors. However, I primarily used the biographies written by Donald Spoto, Marilyn Monroe: The Biography, and the two volume tome written by Gary Vitacco-Robles, Icon: The Life, Times and Films of Marilyn Monroe, Volumes 1 and 2.  The authors of those two biographies researched the life and times of their subject assiduously and painted portraits of Marilyn Monroe void of crass sensationalism and questionable agendas. Stacy Eubank wrote the other biography I have referenced occasionally, Holding a Good Thought for Marilyn: 1926 – 1954, The Hollywood Years. I obtained additional information from the incomplete memoir written by Marilyn and Ben Hecht, My Story, along with the memoirs written by Marilyn’s sister, Berniece Miracle, My Sister Marilyn: A Memoir of Marilyn Monroe, and the memoir written by her first husband, Jimmie Dougherty, To Norma Jeane with Love, Jimmie. Of course, more than just a few books and memoirs have been written about the world’s most famous woman, Susan Strasberg’s Marilyn and Me: Sisters, Rivals, Friends, for instance, which is a fine book. So, quota-tions from other biographies and memoirs materialize here and there throughout the text which follows hereafter; and I have made a strenuous effort to appropriately and correctly credit and cite those works and their respective authors.  For any goofs pertaining thereto, and for all other goofs, I sincerely apologize.

Donald R. McGovern
London, Paris, Zurich, Memphis and Clara Mae’s Kitchen
August 2020