Section 16

A Few Murder Orthodoxies

8And Cain talked with Abel his brother: and it came to pass, when they were in the field, that Cain rose up against Abel his brother, and slew him. 9And the Lord said unto Cain, Where is Abel thy brother? And he said, I know not: Am I my brother’s keeper? 10And He said, What hast thou done? The voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto Me from the ground (Genesis 4, King James Version).

Since Cain murdered his brother that day in that Biblical field, every type of gruesome murder has been committed by every type of depraved and brutal murderer, thereby creating a mountain of corpses of unimaginable and staggering size. Over the millennia, human beings have been bludgeoned to death, stabbed to death, shot to death, smothered and choked to death, poisoned and drugged to death. The methods employed by murderers to end the lives of their fellow human beings have been many and diverse; and they might even be perversely called imaginative. In Marilyn’s case, and for which there is an obvious reason, her murderers’ imaginations apparently were limited: she was poisoned and drugged to death by barbiturates. How the murderers introduced into her body the physician prescribed poisons that killed her, the exact deployment mechanism, is the only contention among the conspiracists who reject suicide, accidental or intentional, as the mode of Marilyn’s death.

Four methods for introducing the barbiturates into Marilyn’s body were available to her purported murderers: forced oral ingestion, hypodermic injection, rectal infusion by enema or rectal infusion by suppository. Considering the difficulty the murderers would have encountered attempting to force an oral ingestion of a large quantity of capsules, it is reasonable to discount that method and remove it from their available options; consequently, Marilyn’s murderers must have used injection, enema, suppository or a combination thereof. Regardless of the murderers at whom the conspiracists point their collective accusatory and bony fingers, most favor hypodermic injection as the method used to introduce the barbiturates into Marilyn’s body. Several conspiracists favored a combination: an injection of barbiturates to render Marilyn unconscious; and then during this unconscious state, the murderers finish her off with a barbiturate laced enema or a fast acting barbiturate infused suppository of the type, they contend, only available from the MOB. For example, an orthodoxy involving Los Angeles Police Chief William Parker and Robert Kennedy combines a lethal injection with an equally lethal suppository. Here’s what happened and why.

Chief Parker was evidently an ambitious man, who desperately wanted to replace J. Edgar Hoover as the powerful Director of the FBI. Attorney General Robert Kennedy promised the FBI directorship to the LAPD chief in exchange for his help dealing with Marilyn Monroe; and so the top Los Angeles COP agreed to help the attorney general murder his rejected lover, agreed to help the attorney general silence the beautiful but soon to be indiscreet movie star. Allegedly, upon the  attorney general’s orders, Chief Parker dispatched two of his minions, Gangster Squaders, to 12305 Fifth Helena Drive on the evening of August the 4th. These men were neckless goons, mean automatons who simply behaved as they were instructed; and they had been instructed what to do. As the midnight hour approached, Chief Parker’s mindless minions quietly entered Marilyn’s hacienda. They found the blonde movie star in her bedroom, nude and asleep. After injecting her with enough barbiturates to kill a room full of blonde movie stars, they also inserted a powerful suppository into her rectum just to be sure she would not survive. Marilyn died within mere minutes. The LAPD Gangster Squad murderers hung around just long enough to quickly and silently transform the murder scene into what appeared to be a suicide scene by placing empty prescription bottles on Marilyn’s bedside table and putting the telephone receiver in her rapidly cooling hand. After accomplishing their murderous mission, they quietly slipped out of Marilyn’s house undiscovered.

The preceding scenario, along with the three that follow hereafter, are but four of the many various orthodoxies which present various circumstances involving Marilyn’s alleged murder. They all share similarities although the murderers may vary: some conspiracists accuse factions within the CIA, Norma Mailer for instance, while there are those who accuse the FBI and the Secret Service; some accuse MOB or KGB assassins or killers dispatched by the Cuban despot, Fidel Castro, while some even accuse the little green pilots of those rascally flying silver discs; and as in the scenario preceding, some favor brutal and rogue thugs from the Los Angeles Police Department. Each of these murder death kill theories, the one preceding and the three following, along with all the others orthodoxies posited by various conspiracists, actually generate more questions than they answer, replete as they are with mutually exclusive assertions, contradictions and problems associated with the purported murder methodologies; and the orthodoxies also contain conflicts with known historical facts.

For instance, we know that Eunice Murray was with Marilyn the night of August the 4th, asleep on a cot near Marilyn’s bedroom; but she is missing from several of the accounts provided by various conspiracists, the one involving LAPD Chief Parker and two of the orthodoxies that follow hereafter. Why is that? The housekeeper appears in the murder account provided by Fred Otash; but she is absent in Chuck Giancana’s account. Why is that? I could pose the same general question about Maf, Marilyn’s Maltese terrier. In one account, the small pooch barked continuously; but he is absent from most other orthodoxies. In the Jay Margolis and Richard Buskin account, for instance, Maf is used rather like a plot device to alert Norman Jefferies and Eunice Murray that Robert Kennedy and his murderous Gangster Squad body guards have departed. Certainly the small dog would have barked all through the grisly episode as presented by Margolis and Buskin.

Marilyn had just recently changed the bored cylindrical deadbolt lock mounted on her front entrance door; and the other exterior doors had also been fitted with deadbolts. The cylindrical lock fitted to the front door is clearly visible in the photographs taken the morning of August the 5th as the coroner’s office sealed Marilyn’s house. Considering that she had experienced problems during her life with peepers and prowlers, along with just the curious, and also considering that Marilyn and Eunice Murray were two women alone in a mostly secluded neighborhood, certainly the house was locked and secured for the night. How, then, did Marilyn’s clandestine murderers gain access into 12305 Fifth Helena Drive? Did they silently pick the front door lock or the lock on some other door and then enter completely undetected? Marilyn’s hacienda was not a typical Hollywood mansion, spacious and vast. The hacienda’s rooms were relatively small and compact.

I assume Mrs. Murray was asleep when the murderers entered the house; and she was such a sound sleeper that she was not disturbed by the intruders. Was Mrs. Murray such a sound sleeper that she did not hear the disturbance that a wrestling match between Marilyn and her murderers would have caused? And certainly, such a wrestling match would have bruised Marilyn’s body; but the condition of her body at autopsy did not indicate that Marilyn had engaged in a violent struggle or any other type of physical violence. Also, her autopsy did not reveal any injection sites on Marilyn’s body even though several of the murder orthodoxies include one, two and even three hypodermic injections. Also, in the orthodoxies that involve the use of a lethal enema, what provisions did those who administered it make to deal with the liquid and possibly the liquefied solid waste that Marilyn’s body certainly would have expelled? Perhaps Marilyn’s digestive tract immediately absorbed the liquid her murderers poured into her body. At any rate, none of those real or troublesome details even get a passing mention.

How is it possible for one woman to be murdered by multiple methods and by multiple teams of murderers. Did Murder Team A, Chief Parker’s dynamic duo for example, arrive, murder Marilyn and then depart as Murder Team B, Sam Giancana’s MOB thugs for another example, arrive to revive Marilyn and then murder her again just ahead of Team C’s arrival, etcetera and so forth? That possibility is, of course, more than silly; but still, presented as we have been with all the mutually exclusive murder orthodoxies, we can only conclude that the conspiracists writers simply want us, simply expect us to accept their particular murder orthodoxy and forget, disregard the actual evidence which explains Marilyn’s death.

Additionally, why is there no firm timeline for the essential events that transpired during that Saturday evening, then later during the night of August the 4th and then even later during the early morning hours of the August the 5th? According to each and every conspiracist who has penned a book about Marilyn’s life and her death, just about every private detective and intelligence agency in the America, and at least one foreign off-shore agency, had listening and tape recording devices located throughout Marilyn’s small hacienda: Fred Otash, Bernard Spindel, Barney Ruditsky, the CIA, the KGB, the FBI, the Secret Service, not to mention Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation. As I previously noted herein, allegedly, even Marilyn was recording herself. Certainly it is logical to conclude and therefore contend that all of those important tapes could be assembled to create a complete and conclusive timeline, a complete and conclusive record of the events as they transpired in August of 1962, real time, using the time of a known event as a fixed datum, when Sgt Jack Clemmons arrived at 4:35 AM, for in-stance. And yet, such an assemblage has never been undertaken, has never even been mentioned as far as I know. Does that fact suggest to you, as it suggests to me, that those tapes do not exist, which is the very reason why they have never been produced; and by extension, does the absence of those mysterious tapes suggest to you, as it suggests to me, that the events as portrayed in each and every orthodoxy purporting that Marilyn Monroe was murdered, those events never actually or factually occurred? Still, unfounded accusations that Marilyn was murdered continue to be repeated and spread; and new unfounded, often ridiculous accusations continue to appear, twenty years into the twenty-first century.

For example, James Haspiel, a member of the famous Monroe Six, opined many years after Marilyn’s death, that the Attorney General of the United States, Robert Kennedy, who was in Gilroy, California, at the time, actually suffocated Marilyn with a pillow. However, nothing revealed by Marilyn’s autopsy indicated asphyxiation. Most certainly, Marilyn was not suffocated, and most certainly not by Robert Kennedy. Recently, former actor Gianni Russo, who portrayed Carlo Rizzi in The Godfather, appeared within the Realm of Marilyn with an odd and preposterous yarn involving Marilyn’s death: she was murdered with an embolism. More about Russo’s yarn will appear later in this section, along with an incredible timeline of events offered in evidence, which will appear prominently; but now, Jeanne Carmen with the infamous Fred Otash, the Giancana brothers and a case-closing orthodoxy.

The Carmen–Otash Orthodoxy
The Giancana Orthodoxy
The Margolis–Buskin Orthodoxy
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