Section 9

The Criminal MOB

Alphonse Gabriel Capone’s Chicago Outfit was a ruthless and brutal criminal empire whose power and wealth rivaled the Five Families of New York City; and from its rank and file emerged many of the mobsters who ascended to become the infamous leaders of organized crime during the decades of the fifties and the sixties and even beyond. Such was the case with Gilmora Salvatore Giancana, otherwise known as Sam “Mooney” Giancana, and another mobster, Filippo Giovanni Sacco, otherwise known as Handsome Johnny Roselli, who occasionally spelled his assumed last name Rosselli. According to his FBI files, his Identification Record and his arrest record, the gangster also answered to Rasselli and used the aliases John F. Stewart and Rand Field. Both Giancana and Roselli became leading figures within Capone’s Outfit. Both lived interesting but also perverse lives; and their stories share many similarities. They lived and walked virtually identical paths, certainly parallel paths during Hollywood’s Golden Age. As required by the criminal life they chose, both men were brutal murderers; both men were brutally murdered; and both men appear prominently in Marilyn’s Murder Orthodoxies.

In 1966, after being forced out of the Outfit by Anthony Accardo, Giancana moved to Mexico, where he lived the good life for several years. In 1975, the Mexican authorities arrested Giancana and deported him back to the United States. That year, the US senate’s Select Committee on Intelligence subpoenaed Giancana to testify regarding the CIA’s attempts to assassinate Fidel Castro; but on June the 19th in 1975, while frying Italian sausages and peppers in the basement of his family home in Oak Park, Illinois, an assassin shot Giancana once in the back of the head. While he lay dead in a pool of his own blood, Giancana’s assassin then shot him an additional six times in the face and chin, obviously sending a message to other mobsters scheduled to testify before the select committee’s members: keep your mouths shut. Apparently Johnny Roselli did not fully receive or perceive that important message.

The Select Committee also subpoenaed Roselli to testify during the summer of 1975. On June the 24th and then again on September the 22nd, he testified before the select committee’s members regarding the assassination of President John Kennedy. Roselli apparently revealed too much during his testimony: he disappeared just before the select committee planned to issue a new subpoena which recalled him to re-testify. At the suggestion of committee member, Tennessee Senator Howard Baker, the FBI began an investigation into Roselli’s disappearance. On the 9th of August in 1976, Roselli’s partially decomposed and dismembered body was found in a fifty-five gallon drum, bobbing like a fishing bobber in the calm waters of Dumbfoundling Bay in Miami, Florida.

Many theories have been advanced regarding why and who murdered both Sam Giancana and Johnny Roselli. In her odd memoir, Jeanne Carmen advanced a theory that Handsome Johnny whacked Mooney. Roselli needed to extract his revenge and administer his personal retribution upon Giancana because, according to Jeanne Laverne, Mooney either ordered Marilyn’s murder or actually murdered her. Handsome Johnny was allegedly in love with the beautiful blonde movie star. However, the murders of Giancana and Roselli remain unsolved. While both gangsters appear in several conspiracy theories involving Marilyn’s death, the conspiracists advancing those theories have offered only tenuous connections between Marilyn and the two murdered Outfit gangsters.

Because of his birth in Hoboken, New Jersey, apparently Frank Sinatra was destined to be involved with the MOB and organized crime; and arguably, or more precisely as many have asserted, Sinatra’s association with the MOB provided him with the means to create a media and entertainment empire which included a record label, night clubs in Los Angeles and Manhattan along with casinos located at Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas and Atlantic City. It has been alleged that Sinatra surreptitiously co-owned Cal-Neva Lodge and Casino with Mooney Giancana. Sinatra vehemently denied any actual connection to criminals or mobsters even though he was known to be friends with the barbarous Giancana.

However, the Chairman of the Board, a sobriquet often attributed to Sinatra, never denied his romantic connections to many of Hollywood’s most beautiful female stars. Despite his four marriages, including one to Ava Gardner and one to Mia Farrow, Frank maintained a coterie of paramours, including Angie Dickinson, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Hope Lange, Donna Reed, Lauren Bacall and Lana Turner, just to name a rumored few. Frank also had an affair with Jeanne Carmen, or she so testified; and of course, he had an affair with Marilyn Monroe, who allegedly engaged in affairs with every man in Los Angeles, Hollywood and the contiguous environs. Frank and Marilyn participated in an intermittent relationship that began, according to Marilyn’s legitimate and forthright biographers, in 1954, while he was married to Ava Gardner.

Frank’s association with mobsters and Marilyn’s association with Frank have led many persons and conspiracist writers to the following nugget of deductive reasoning: Frank was involved with the MOB; Marilyn was involved with Frank; therefore Marilyn was involved with the MOB. More than a few books in Marilyn’s murder cañon have proclaimed her mobster associations, asserting that she was in deep with, controlled and manipulated by the MOB, just like she was manipulated by America’s intelligence community. Those books frequently referenced Robert Slatzer, Jeanne Carmen and C. David Heymann. They also referenced each other and added their own dubious suppositions and presumptions to interwoven tales of adultery and betrayal, sexual intrigue and political revenge.

While Marilyn engaged in assignations with the middle Kennedy brothers and members of the MOB, America’s intelligence community, meaning the FBI and the CIA, along with an assortment of unsavory private eyes, allegedly observed, wrote reports and made tape recordings of the noisy lovers as they bounced each other around on unoiled bed springs; but, what actual evidence existed that conclusively linked Marilyn to the MOB, the nefarious criminals and the heartless murderers who inhabited and functioned within that mercilessly cruel organization? A close examination revealed that actual evidence did not, and does not, exist. The conspiracists writers offered dubitable anecdotal and hearsay testimony as evidence and proof.

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