Section 13

The Press Conference of the 20th Century

The keystone fixed in the center and supporting the numerous orthodoxies vaulting over Marilyn’s alleged murder has always been, and remains, the revelatory press conference she intended to announce or, according to a few conspiracists, had already announced. Accordingly, Marilyn intended to the step to microphones, open her Little Red Diary and read, thereby revealing to the reporters, their cameras and tape machines, and thereby revealing to the world, all she had learned from the middle Kennedy brothers and mobsters during her affairs with them, thereby revealing all she had learned during the many high level security meetings she had attended with both the sitting president of the United States and his attorney general brother. She intended to reveal not only the middle Kennedy brother’s plans and attempts to assassinate Fidel Castro, but their involvement with nefarious mobsters like Sam Giancana, Handsome Johnny Roselli, Carlos Marcello and Santos Trafficante, Jr. She also intended to expose how the United States Intelligence Community had become entangled with the MOB; and she intended to reveal the secret of secrets: the existence of alien beings from other worlds. Only if Marilyn had not been murdered, the press conference would have convened on Monday the 6th of August in 1962; and that press conference would have been the Press Conference of the 20th Century.

An Uncharacteristic Reprisal
The Legend of the Press Conference
Marilyn's Payne Whitney Mistake
The Bay of Pigs Invasion Briefly
A Press Agent's Testimony