Section 4

The Tarradiddlists and Their Tarradiddles

Even though Frank Capell was the first to formalize and then memorialize a Marilyn Murder Orthodoxy which included Robert Kennedy, obviously he would not be the last. The innuendo and rumor fomented by Dorothy Kilgallen needed the intense imagination of a Pulitzer Prize winning novelist to arouse an obsessive interest and fascination with Marilyn Monroe’s death, not only in America, but around the world. Also, the famous novelist, his literary work, along with its massive sales, began the avalanche of biographies and path­ographies, memoirs and slap dash tell-all exposés about Marilyn Monroe, an avalanche which now continues into this the twenty-third year of the twenty-first century.

A Pulitzer Prize Winning Novelist
An Alleged Second Husband
A Character From Gunsmoke
An Alleged Best Friend
A Serial Fabulist
Comrade Marilyn “Masha” Monroe