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Secret Things From Outer Space

Considering Marilyn’s incredible fame and the fanatical, almost fetish-like fascination with her tragic death, was it not just a matter of time before a conspiracist created an amalgamation, a unified theory of Marilyn’s murder that included flying silver disks and the possible existence of little green men? During May of 2001, an article entitled “Is There a Connection? Marilyn Monroe and UFOs” appeared in the MUFON UFO Journal. As if on cue, two years later in 2003, a brief ninety-five page progeny of that brief two page article appeared in the Realm of Marilyn. The article’s author, Donald R. Burleson, PhD, published UFOs and the Murder of Marilyn Monroe; and therein, the erudite PhD explained in precise detail just how UFOs impacted the life and the death of America’s favorite blonde actress.

PhD Burleson and the Unified Theory of Marilyn’s Murder

SECTION 13: The Press Conference of the 20th Century