Table of Contents

FOREWORD by Gary Vitacco-Robles

SECTION 1: August the 4th in 1962

SECTION 2: Marilyn’s Murder Orthodoxies

The Middle Kennedy Brothers
The Intelligence MOB
The Criminal MOB
The Cal-Neva MOB
The Psychiatrist and the Attorney General
The Patriarch and the Gangster
The Russian Secret Police
The X-Files and Financial Motivations

SECTION 3: With Innuendo the Legends Began

A Gossip Columnist
Some Anti-Kennedy, Anti-Communists

SECTION 4: The Tarradiddlists and Their Tarradiddles

A Pulitzer Prize Winning Novelist
An Alleged Second Husband

The Nuptial Trip to Tijuana
A Few Observations to Begin
The 1952 World Series Radio Broadcasts
The Rosarito Beach Hotel
A Mexican Attorney and the Marital Annulment
The Slatzer’s Nuptial Celebration with Carlos Arruza
An Unrecognized, Hearing Impaired Marilyn Could Not Swim
Marilyn Preferred to Remain Childless
Robert Slatzer’s Book, Will Fowler and Frank Capell
Anthony Summers V Donald Spoto and Slatzer’s Legal Antics
Will Fowler, Marilyn and Me and Howard Rosenberg
Widespread Editing and Developing Anecdotes
And In Closing, Conclusive Evidence

A Character From Gunsmoke
An Alleged Best Friend
A Serial Fabulist Being Revised
Comrade Marilyn “Masha” Monroe

SECTION 5: The Middle Kennedy Brothers

John Kennedy the Elder
Robert Kennedy the Younger
Marilyn Meets the Middle Kennedy Brothers
The President’s Best Buddy
An Illegitimate Daughter and Laurence X. Cusak the 3rd
The Seldom Quoted Hearsay Testaments 

SECTION 6: Marilyn’s Red Book of Secrets

The Diary’s Alleged Contents
A Coroner Clerk’s Diary Account
Contradictions Reveal A Fact
Marilyn’s Fragmentary Journals

SECTION 7: The $64,000 Question

How the Helicopter Legend Began
The Alleged Helicopter Flights
The Helicopter Log
Peter Pan and Pixie Dust
The Helicopter’s History Briefly
Peter Pan’s Flight to Los Angeles
Ward Wood
Lynn Franklin, Khrushchev and Marilyn
William Woodfield and Joe Hyams
The Jay Margolis and Richard Buskin Account
John and Nancy Bates
So, Where Was Robert Kennedy on August the 4th?

SECTION 8: The Intelligence MOB

The Intelligence Files
Marilyn, John Kennedy and Nuclear Testing
Iron Bob, Big Jim and Eduardo
The Kennedy Affair Document

SECTION 9: The Criminal MOB

The MOB in Hollywood
A Decapitated Horse, Frank Sinatra and Marilyn
Best Friends Forever: Studio President and Gangster
Double Cross and Sam Giancana’s Stepbrother
Old Blue Eyes, the Gangster and Cal-Neva Lodge
An Expert’s Weighted Opinion

SECTION 10: Tape Recordings and Pornography

Telephone Tappers and Bedroom Buggers
A Hairdresser and His Tapes
An Attorney and His Tapes
Pornographic Home Movies

SECTION 11: Marilyn’s Botched Autopsy

The Autopsy Report
Mysteriously Missing Tissue Samples and Organs
Probable Time of Marilyn’s Death
An Unsolved History Program: Digestion Experiments
The Coroner’s Plan to Conspire
A Rosetta Stone

SECTION 12: Secret Things From Outer Space

SECTION 13: The Press Conference of the 20th Century

An Uncharacteristic Reprisal
The Legend of the Press Conference
Marilyn’s Payne Whitney Mistake
The Bay of Pigs Invasion Briefly
A Press Agent’s Testimony

SECTION 14: Doctors Feelgood and Nurse Ratched

Ralph Greenson: Good Father and Psychiatrist
Hyman Engelberg: Internist and Prescriptionist
Eunice Murray: Housekeeper and Unreliable Witness
Ralph Greenson: Lover and Murderer

SECTION 15: August the 5th in 1962

The Suicide Scene
An Accidental Homicide
The Thomas Kuchel Incident
The Police Reports and the Time Discrepancy
Testimonial Contradictions: The First Officer

SECTION 16: A Few of the Murder Orthodoxies

The Carmen–Otash Orthodoxy
The Giancana Orthodoxy
The Margolis–Buskin Orthodoxy

Timeline: The Events Leading to Marilyn’s Alleged Murder
The Amazing Midnight Ride of Peter Lawford
An Intrusion and the Next Door Neighbor
Robert Kennedy in the Guest Cottage with an Enema
The Norman Jefferies Conundrum
The Marilyn Files and James Hall

The Rosetta Stone Reveals Certain Facts

SECTION 17: The Roswellian Syndrome and Paranoid Message

SECTION 18: Behind Marilyn’s Closed Bedroom Door

SECTION 19: A Closing Thought or Two

Pete, the Brother-in-Lawford Being Revised
Whitey Snyder and His Injudicious Introduction
Will Fowler Briefly
At the End of All The Precedes

SECTION 20: Enumerative Bibliography

Biographies and Memoirs
Other Books
Articles, Documentaries and Interviews
FOIA Intelligence Files
eBook Citations