Section 20

Enumerative Bibliography

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Articles, Documentaries and Interviews

It would be virtually impossible for me to list each and every newspaper, magazine and Internet article about Marilyn Monroe, her life and her death, that I have read or reviewed during the past seven years. Those that I have directly quoted are credited within the body of the text in footnotes. The same is true for the countless fragments of documentaries that I have watched, each of which purported to reveal the truth about Marilyn’s life and death, along with the fragments of interviews featuring various persons who knew Marilyn, or allegedly knew her, with stories to tell. Where necessary due to their importance, I credited the documentary, the interviewed and the inter-viewer, when I could determine that information, within the body of the text. Information from the following major documentaries, however, appeared regularly throughout the preceding text.

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Intelligence Files

I both read and reviewed many declassified FBI and CIA files, memorandums and other documents that have been made available to the general public through the Freedom of Information Act and can be downloaded from the Department of Justice website. Those documents total 3,311 pages and included:

Marilyn Monroe Main File: 31 Pages.
Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller: 87 Pages.
Marilyn Monroe Cross References: 70 Pages.
Sam Giancana: 187 Pages.
Johnny Roselli: 1,306 Pages.
The Family Jewels: 702 Pages.
Roselli / Maheu Memorandum: 5 Pages.
Dossiers: Hunt, O’Connell, Varona, Roselli and Maheu: 2 Pages.
Robert F. Kennedy: 820 Pages.
Thomas H. Kuchel: LA Libel Case: 101 Pages

eBook Citations

The method prescribed for citing references to and quotations from eBooks by those and they who formulate such rules seems unnecessarily complex and tedious. Therefore I have taken a much less complex and tedious approach. Within this text, I parenthetically cite eBooks by an abbreviation KE, Kindle Edition, followed by a chapter number. For example, (KE:8) signifies a reference to or a quotation from an eBook which can be found in chapter 8. If my simplified method causes some rule makers heartburn, I recommend Tums.